Privacy in health care is a major issue these days, especially since most computer networks are vulnerable to attack and intrusion. The HIPAA act in the United States (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other similar laws worldwide, guarantee a patient’s privacy. Neurologix makes it possible for healthcare providers and medical records storage companies to secure confidentiality of patient medical record those records are only released to those who are authorized.

Health care fraud today is a billion dollar problem composed on many layers. Fraudulent billing occurs on many levels affecting various governmental agencies including Medicare and Medicaid as well as private health insurance companies, worker’s compensation insurance companies, pharmacies and medical supply companies. Fraud occurs by overbilling for services or billing for services that were never rendered or received by a patient. Neurologix layered state of the art security systems effectively prevents health care fraud by accurately authenticating the individual user.

Only the patient and the medical service provider should be able to access a patient’s medical information. Neurologix safeguards medical files confidentiality while preventing billing fraud with its layered state of the art security system. Instead of requiring a patient to “sign in” with a non-verifiable written signature Neurologix technologies use NeuroPass™ to help health care offices and hospitals authenticate the patient.

Most computers users rely on traditional passwords for authentication since it is the most popular security measure. However, traditional passwords alone are not sufficient to secure confidential records. The password alone is not connected to a real person; anyone who knows the password can enter the system. Simple passwords are easy to guess and complicated passwords are hard to remember and users often write them down creating a bigger risk.

The way a person enters their password is unique and it is nearly impossible to replicate. NeuroPass™ authenticates the user by the way that the password is typed. Neurologix state of the art technology identifies a person’s keystrokes dynamic- the intervals between key presses and key releases as the user types a password. Keystroke dynamics connects the password to the owner making it impossible for someone else to enter the system, even if that person knows the password.

NeuroPass™ will simplify and validate the patient who is signing in. This technology is completely invisible to the user because it works behind-the-scene. NeuroPass™ will deny access to an impostor therefore ensuring that only the authorized user will have access to your system. The technology also allows the health care provider to set security levels according the levels needed. This layered security approach protects your company, systems, and intellectual properties from unwanted impostors and intruders.