E-commerce transactions have grown exponentially over the past several years and so have data breaches from these sites. In these tough economic times more and more people are turning to online shopping. According to the Ponemon Institute, an El Creek, Michigan based research and educational organization that focuses on privacy issues, 62% of individuals surveyed had experienced a breach of their private data and 84% of that group felt “anxiety” over data loss.

The convenience of online shopping makes life easier for many people yet there are many who refuse to shop online due to fears of theft and security breaches. Neurologix layered state of the art security solutions provide much needed peace of mind for consumers who need to know that their vital information is safe and secure.

Neurologix dramatically reduces and can practically eliminate cyber crime and data theft. We do this with our patented NeuroPass and  NeuroSlide technologies. Whether using just one or all three of our products to provide layered security Neurologix will tailor the level of your security based on your company’s needs.

Our technology has the ability to raise or lower the threshold dependent on your security needs. Almost all e-commerce today requires the use of a user name and password. The way a person enters their password is unique and it is nearly impossible to replicate. NeuroPass authenticates the user by the manner of how the password is typed. This state-of-the-art technology identifies a person’s keystrokes dynamic – the intervals between key presses and key releases as the user types a password. Keystroke dynamics connects the password to owner making it impossible for someone else to enter the system, even if that person knows the password.

E-commerce transactions also are becoming increasingly conducted through use of one’s cell phone. Our NeuroSlide technology recognizes the authorized user’s unique style and can authenticate him or her by using ordinary hardware found on their current devices. With our approach, the authentication process analyzes not only the geometry of the finger movement and the dynamic characteristics of this movement, but also the dynamics of finger pressure to the surface.