Law Enforcement

Cyber hackers continually threaten government systems with hopes of stealing highly classified information. CNet reports that cybercrime globally costs $1 trillion in lost or stolen wages and resources annually. In 2009, a high-profile e-mail scam involving phony e-mail messages tricked victims into sending money to what they thought was the FBI. That follows data from a separate 2010 Symantec report which found that mobile threats were up 42 percent compared to 2009. Other types of reported cyber-crime include stealing of intellectual property, confiscating online bank accounts, distributing viruses and other forms of malware, posting confidential business information on the Internet, and disrupting a company’s infrastructure.

Law enforcement agencies are greatly fortified with the use of biometrics.  Neurologix’s multi-biometric technologies further enhance existing user authentication systems.  By using our user authentication solutions, law enforcement agencies give authorized users immediate access to critical data while at the same time providing an increased degree of security.  Our soft-biometrics based user authentication security technologies are available across the entire spectrum of user devices-  enterprise systems, laptops, mobile devices and cell phones.

Law enforcement agencies will determine the level of security by determining the amount of layers of biometric security necessary. Neurologix multibiometric system allows for a range of security from the lowest to the highest level. Law enforcement can use NeuroPass™ and  NeuroSlide™ in any combination or just one level of security. By using all three systems combined the security level reaches an astounding degree of 99.9% user authentication accuracy. There are no other technologies in the industry that can approach that level of accuracy.