HPA Overview

In today’s society, information and electronically stored data is critically important to businesses, governmental functions, and individuals alike. Business and financial tasks are routinely executed electronically, consumers upload personal and family information into “clouds,” and proprietary, confidential information is developed, stored, and transmitted by companies and individuals alike. This information and data is under a constant security threat from unscrupulous hackers and computer viruses. 2011 has already recorded a record number of data security breaches across a wide spectrum of industries including law enforcement, banking, and general corporate electronic assets. Additionally, recently enacted governmental regulations have reinforced the importance of protecting electronic data and necessitated the need for enhanced security protocols when storing and transmitting particular data.

NEUROLOGIX’s HPA (Human Pattern Analysis) technology is deployable in software and hardware-based solutions, and may dynamically incorporate various levels of non-intrusive security. This technology is attractive in the consumer, business, and government markets due to perpetuating growth in data-mining, lowering cost for data storage, increased use of “cloud” services, and increased governmental regulations. Unfortunately, these factors individually and collectively create risks for systems and data breaches perpetuated by unauthorized users and computer systems.

HPA is a system developed to analyze and identify people and/or their relations using processed biometrics data in a reliable dynamic range, while allowing for wide-spread homogenous deployment.

Biometrics authentication has experienced substantial growth over the last few years and become a prominent research area. The growth has been driven by increasingly complex hacking technologies and schemes targeting corporate and personal data. Biometric authentication technologies have been developed to authenticate individuals by matching their biometric data such as faces, retinas, irises, fingerprints, voiceprints, signatures, keystroke inputs and other physiological and behavioral characteristics.

Neurologix has devoted several developers’ years for developing novel, most advanced, most precise and pleasant to use biometrics identification and authentication system by utilizing the patent pending technologies NeuroPass, NeuroSlide and NeuroTouch.