Most computer users rely on traditional passwords for authentication since it is the most popular security measure. However, traditional passwords alone can leave your company at risk. A password in not connected to a real person and anyone who knows the password can enter your system. Simple passwords are easy to guess and complicated passwords are hard to remember and users often write them down creating a bigger risk.

The way a person enters their password is unique and it is nearly impossible to replicate. NeuroPass authenticates the user by the manner of how the password is typed. This state-of-the-art technology identifies a person’s keystrokes dynamic – the intervals between key presses and key releases as the user types a password. Keystroke dynamics connects the password to owner making it impossible for someone else to enter the system, even if that person knows the password.

This technology is completely invisible to the user and works behind-the-scene. NeuroPass will deny access to an impostor therefore ensuring that only the authorized user will have access to your system. The technology will also allow you to set security levels accordingly. This layered security approach protects your company, systems, and intellectual properties from unwanted visitors.