HPA Architecture

HPA Core Technology

Neurologix’s HPA Core Technology uses soft biometrics, or behavioral traits, to ensure your system is always protected from unwanted visitors. Even if your system involves cloud computing, software computing, or thousands of users and devices, our state-of-the-art technology offers a non-intrusive way to protect your system without additional expensive hardware.

Neurologix’s approach is based on the concept that each human has a unique Human Print Authentication (HPA) features set similar to a DNA strand. HPA utilizes a set of various behavioral or physiological biometric measurements including, but not limited to, typing rhythm, keystroke dynamics, electronic signatures with use of touchpads or touchscreens, finger geometry, fingerprints, force applied to a button of the keyboard, patterns of individual motor skills, voice data, voice patterns, an individual’s weight, iris, retina, and facial characteristics.

Our HPA technology is deployed as a mobile application, desktop application or web application. HPA software is designed to receive biometric input and process it to obtain a match with previously stored data. Our technology authenticates individuals, first by a separate processing of multiple biometric data, and then by calculating a single feature vector based on separate authentication of various biometrics.

Neurologix’s developed HPA technology consists of:

1) Ubiquitous complex of methods for obtaining biometric information from keyboard, mouse, and touchpad called NeuroPassTM, and NeuroSlideTM.

2) Novel methods for extraction of user’s unique biometric properties

3) Methods of developing individual classifiers based on state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition algorithms.

4) Methods of data fusion for the global multi-biometrics system based on combining the results of the individual classifiers to produce astonishing precision results and eliminating the false rejections.

No Single Point of Failure: Client, Server, and Cloud-side Redundancy

Our system design is to ensure no single point of failure; while providing load balancing, health checking, secure updating and monitoring of all components and other related functions necessary to keep the system running even if several hardware or other failures happen at the same time. NEUROLOGIX Architecture is based on distributed methodology whereby your system will remain safe from catastrophic disasters including explosion, fire, vandalism, theft or loss.