HPA Interface

Securing your computer system is top priority. As your business expands, your security risks increases. At Neurologix, we have determined that using layered biometric inputs will increase security and ensure your company is protected without significant intrusions on your employees.

Our Multibiometrics approach uses several different and independent biometric inputs to ensure accurate authentication. These unique behaviors are impossible to duplicate by anyone other than the actual person. By using this layered security approach, you can give your users access to critical applications while providing an increased degree of security and ease of use. This state-of-the-art technology homogenous interfaces available on common devices – anywhere, anytime, and for anyone.

Most computer users rely on traditional passwords for authentication, as it is the most popular security measure. However, traditional passwords can leave your company at risk. The weakness lays in that the password in not connected to a real person; anyone who knows the password can enter your system. Simple passwords are easy to guess and complicated passwords are hard to remember and users often write them down creating a bigger risk.

The way a person enters their password is unique and it is nearly impossible to replicate. NeuroPass authenticates the user by the manner of how the password is typed. This state-of-the-art technology identifies a person’s keystrokes dynamic – the intervals between key presses and key releases as the user types a password. Keystroke dynamics connects the password to owner making it impossible for someone else to enter the system, even if that person knows the password.

This technology is completely invisible to the user because it works behind-the-scene. NeuroPass will deny access to an impostor therefore ensuring that only the authorized user will have access to your system. The technology will also allow you to set security levels accordingly. This layered security approach protects your company, systems, and intellectual properties from unwanted visitors.

Your handwriting is one-of-a-kind and nearly impossible to emulate by someone else. For centuries now, scientists have been able to directly tie a person’s handwriting to the person who physically wrote it.

Today, the way you slide your finger across a touchpad or touchscreen is just as unique to you. NeuroSlide recognizes your unique style and can authenticate you by using ordinary hardware found on your current devices. No additional hardware is needed.

With our approach, the authentication process analyzes not only the geometry of the finger movement and the dynamic characteristics of this movement, but also the dynamics of finger pressure to the surface. This layered security approach protects your company, systems, and intellectual properties from unwanted visitors.

Neurologix HPA API
The Neurologix HPA API provides easy, documented access to the functionality of the Neurologix HPA security system and in that way provides means for easy integration of these most advanced security functions into the rest of the client’s system. It processes locally the biometric input from the sensors and exchanges data with the distributed databases, in order to confirm whether the authentication was successful, calls methods for pattern recognition from the library, uploads data to the cloud for recalculating the parameters according to the new state of the biometrics data, or downloads upgrades for the database, the authentication policies and configurations as well as other necessary functions.