Using Cloud security increases accuracy of recognition. Typically, the authentication system is trained to recognize the user on her/his computer. Often this is sufficient but accuracy can be further improved by using the cloud security approach. With our Cloud security end users experience high accuracy with system authentication. Accuracy is very important in biometric authentication systems since the system must be able to accurately detect a multitude of users and distinguish them from among a variety of possible intruders. Allowing unauthorized users into the system will inevitably lead to mangling or leaking of sensitive information as well as the loss and misuse of confidential data. Conversely, in some instances the system fails to properly recognize an authorized user. Failure to properly authenticate results in inefficiencies and loss in time and productivity.

Neurologix uses the Cloud Computing approach to train our authentication system in order to increase accuracy of recognition. Our authentication system consists of a set of large neural networks with the most advanced technology. They can be trained to recognize users’ behavior with HPA Core technology. Using such massive computations leads to a more thorough generation of the parameters of the neural networks and with a greater ability to fine tune them with outstanding accuracy. This approach may be possible on conventional computers but not realistic since it would take years to develop. The high accuracy and the security levels offered with the HPA Cloud approach can not be rivaled.