Why Partner with NEUROLOGIX

Neurologix is committed to providing state of the art security through soft biometrics. Our products include NeuroPass, NeuroTouch and NeuroSlide all focusing on reducing cyber threats. These products provide practical dynamic business solutions, reducing costs and safeguarding important company data.

Partnering with us will give your company peace of mind knowing confidential company information is safe and secure. We accomplish this with our layered approach that yields better results than other biometric companies. Our products are homogenous and do not involve any additional hardware.

Increase Security: The ramifications for any company dealing with lost or compromised company information is great. Neurologix biometric security will prevent lost files and keep vital confidential information locked and out of the hands of cyber thieves.

Ensure Company Profitability: Companies lose time and money when important company information is stolen or compromised. Neurologix understands managing passwords is costly, our products offer business solutions helping to solve lost passwords through our NeuroPass, NeuroTouch and NeuroSlide systems.