HPA Security Server

Where a simpler version of the HPA Cloud Platform is needed, this product provides a minimal solution to the authentication needs of the enterprise. It is an independent server that works only inside the corporate’s network, without any need for Internet. This server also comes in two versions – an Express Edition and a Standard Edition, depending on the number of total clients and the number of simultaneous clients handled by this server. The HPA Security Server can run on a single computer and serve reasonable number of client devices/applications. More precisely, in an environment with one server, the HPA Security Server can handle several hundreds users of the server.

HPA on Device

The customer application/device is a third party application (such as a financial application) or a device (such as a workstation, a smart phone or an ATM) that requires strong authentication, thus a Neurologix HPA API is integrated on the same application/device. The first line of authentication of the customer application/device is by a standard username/password combination or a smart ID card. The customer application and the Neurologix HPA API can have various policies of authentication that depend on a configurable timeout interval after which the user is prompted for re-authentication. The protocol for message passing between the customer application and the Neurologix HPA client is carefully chosen so no “footprints” are left on the device.

When the user’s device is in an offline mode, the local AI will process the input from the sensors and validate the user’s biometric input against the local HPA model and the local database. The input is stored securely on the device and automatically synchronized with server’s data at appropriate intervals. The storing of the user’s models in the HPA Cloud provides users an easy transition from one device to another. Actually no specific user action is needed to migrate from one device to another. The degree of encryption in the local HPA database can be made with the desired level of security, according to the security standards of the organization.

Neurologix provides a defined procedure in the case of theft which invalidates any encrypted data stored on the device. The internal values of the local AI are computed beforehand in the HPA Cloud. We are using patent-pending technology that makes it nearly impossible to decipher these internal values of the local AI and makes it impossible to imitate the biometric input of the user.

Neurologix HPA API

No matter which product you decide, the Neurologix HPA API provides easy, documented access to the functionality of the Neurologix HPA security system. This allows for easy integration of the most advanced security functions into a variety of the client systems. It processes locally the biometric input from the sensors and exchanges data with the distributed databases in order to confirm whether the authentication was successful, calls methods for pattern recognition from the library, uploads data to the cloud for recalculating the parameters according to the new state of the biometrics data, or downloads upgrades for the database, the authentication policies and configurations as well as other necessary functions. We provide APIs that cover most operating systems, are able to communicate with third parties with a variety of standards and exchange data in various formats.